What are digital negatives?

I have a lot of questions as to what digital negatives are.  My digital negatives consist of the images from your online proofing gallery. These images are slightly color corrected and white balanced for viewing. I include them in my wedding packages because it’s nice to have an archive of  photos from your wedding day.  Depending on the package you choose, your disc will also include a select number of edited images along with a print credit.

If I receive the disk why should I print through you? Do I own the rights?

You will receive a print release form along with you digital negatives.  That does not mean you own the copyright but only the right to print where you please. You will need to bring along the print release to do so.  However, I cannot guarantee the quality of the photos when not printed through me.  Why would you want to print through me, though?  Simply, I will have control of how the images turn out.  My monitor is calibrated specifically to my professional lab.  During the editing process, I do extensive retouching.   I will retouch skin imperfections and further color correct among other adjustments.  Basically I will make them beautiful before I send them to my lab.  Also, if you plan on using images for your home or as gifts, I highly recommend having them printed through me.  I use a lab here in Minnesota that only allows professional photographers to print from.  My canvases are also printed from the same company. I have had the best experience with my lab with excellent customer service and a very fast turn around time on orders since they are right here in MN!

Do you shoot RAW or JPEG?

I shoot all my images in RAW  because my files will be uncompressed, I will have a higher dynamic range and I have much more control of how my image looks.

Where in Minnesota are you based?

Jayne Schulte Photography is based in Rochester, MN but I do travel through out the state and surrounding states.  Will do destination weddings as well.

How many photographers are shooting the day of the wedding?

I have typically shot all my weddings by myself.  It works well for me and I find I stay focused as I am always moving and thinking.  I love the rush and the energy of the wedding day.  With larger wedding parties, I will have an assistant with me to make things a little easier.  Smaller wedding parties I can handle on my own as it is a little overwhelming to have two people present.  I do have a network of photographer friends I count on in case such a need arises.

What are engagement sessions like?

I love doing engagement sessions.  This is the time I can connect with you as a couple to see what you two are about.  You can also see how I shoot, what I do and take this time to get comfortable with me and my shooting style before your big day.  It will be sort of “hanging out session”.  I will ask questions about the two of you as I am scouting out locations and throwing ideas out and snapping away.  You won’t need to always be looking at my camera and saying cheese….I want to capture the two of you as a couple, the energy you give, capturing you  as I see you. It is amazing how I can see a couple’s love for each other through the lens.  I LOVE IT!!  So just relax, let’s hang out, get to know each other and take some awesome photos!

Where will you photograph our engagement photos?

We will go to any location that is special to the two of you (within reason!).  Engagement sessions typically last anywhere from 1 1/2 – 2 hours. I always allow for two hours to change locations and just get acquainted.  Do you have a favorite spot that is special to the two of you?  Favorite park or restaurant?  Urban or nature?   Where did he propose?  Where was your first date, first kiss, the place you became a couple?  These are all things to think about that will make your photos special to you.  All engagement sessions will be on location.  We can work together to find the best spots!

When is the best time to take our engagement photos?

The best time of the day to shoot your session is 2 hours before sunset. The lighting is amazing and we won’t get those harsh shadows you’d get from mid-afternoon sun.  I would recommend doing your engagement session 2-3 months before the wedding or sooner depending on the season or a special time for the two of you.  If you’d like an engagement album to use as a guestbook, 2-3 months ahead of time works great to get the book designed and ordered.

What equipment do you use?


Nikon D700

Nikon D300


Nikon 14-24 mm f/2.8

Nikon 85 mm f/1.4

Nikon 50 mm f/1.8

Nikon 70-200 VR f/2.8

Nikon SB-900 Flash

Nikon SB-600 Flash

Many many Compact Flash Memory cards

Many many EN-EL3e batteries for my camera

Shoot sac…my awesome little bag I couldn’t live without!

Extra batteries for my flashes and chargers

More lenses coming soon:)

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